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South African Cooking
We have everything you need to bring authentic South African cooking home, even though you're abroad. South African Foods is the U.K.'s best-stocked specialty grocery store, supplying everything from crockery to baking powder. Our shelves are stocked with all the well-known brand names from home you trust and love--available at highly competitive prices.

For true-to-home South African cooking, pick up one of our potjies. We carry size 1/2 to size 4 pots and lids in a variety of styles, and several affordable platpotjies. As with everything we carry in stock, we'll deliver your cooking supplies and accessories at no additional cost if you reside on the U.K. mainland.

You Can Enjoy Homestyle South African Cooking
With our excellent inventory of basic ingredients and staple foods, you can enjoy South African cooking any time you like. To barbecue the South African way, choose from our delicious selection of authentic boerewors, droewors and Halal meats. We've also got an excellent selection of spices and seasonings, so you can give your South African cooking that extra genuine touch.

We promise excellent, helpful service and a fast turnaround time on your order. All our products come with a quality guarantee and convenient shipping options to ensure that you receive your shipment as quickly as possible. We welcome questions, and would be pleased to assist you by telephone at 01923 234460 or email if you have any special needs. Our store is located at 145 The Parade, High Street, Watford WD17 1NA.

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