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South African Foods
At South African Foods, providing consumers with a wide variety of authentic foodstuffs is our only order of business. In addition to our low prices, customers will find a thorough selection of hard-to-find South African foods, including specialty sauces and condiments, seasonings and Halal meats. We also offer free delivery anywhere on the mainland of the United Kingdom, with no minimum order. Click Here For South African Foods!

If you're craving South African snack foods, we stock dozens of options from trusted brand names such as Simba, Willards and Chipnicks. Of course, we're also pleased to offer authentic South African staple foods, like Maizena corn flour, Iwisa samp and Spekko rice products. Wake up to breakfast South African style, by choosing from among our many cereal offerings, including Jungle Oats, Cerevita and ProNutro products.

South African Foods
Beyond our selection of cereals, staple foods, snacks and condiments, we carry an excellent selection of choice meats. Browse our outstanding cuts of bitong and game, sample our droewors and boerewors, and trust our selection of Halal meats. We ship all our meats frozen and packed in ice for the freshest possible delivery.

Every month, we offer promotions that promise even greater savings on our always-low prices. To take advantage of special offers, be sure to check with us often. We offer Britain's best selection of true-to-home South African foods. Shop with us today. We are located at 145 The Parade, High Street, Watford WD17 1NA. You can also call us at 01923 234460, or email us.

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